Community Coaching Pathway

Coach Registration

Coach RegistrationStep 1

Registering annually as a coach is the first and most important step of your coaching career.. All players, non-playing members, and match officials are required to register for coverage under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme. Registered coaches will receive support from RA and QRU based on their accreditation profile.
Smart Rugby

Smart Rugby OnlineStep 2

Smart Rugby is the Australian Rugby Union’s flagship course for building coach and match official understanding of safety considerations both on and off the field. AccreditationIt is mandatory for all registered coaches and must be updated every 2 years. There are four modules in the course designed to help you build your understanding of the theory and application of Smart Rugby principles: 1. Introduction to Smart Rugby | 2. Playing Smart - Tackle, Ruck and Maul | 3. Playing Smart - Set Pieces | 4. Blue Card
Rugby Ready

Rugby ReadyStep 3

Rugby Ready is designed by World Rugby as a resource for all potential participants in the Game of Rugby, including players, coaches, match officials, parents, teachers, first-aiders and volunteers supporting players and coaches on match day and during training.
Coaching Essentials

Sport Australia Community Coaching - Essential Skills CourseStep 4

The Community Coaching – Essential Skills Course helps coaches create fun, safe and inclusive environments for participants. This free online course includes 8 modules and takes around 3 hours to complete. It has been designed so coaches can learn at their own pace and complete modules anytime, anywhere, on any device. This course has replaced the General Principles Course.
Coach Ready

Coach ReadyStep 5

Coach Ready will cover the basics of coaching in Australian Rugby. Modules in include: 1. Role of the Coach | 2. Core Skills | 3. Training Sessions | 4. Code of Conduct | 5. Member Protection and Inclusion | 6. Game Management Guidelines
QRU Pre Course

Updated 2023 Pre-Course Online LearningStep 6

Read ths document to better understand the process for prior learning before attending a face-to-face paid course .

Face 2 Face Coaching Course Expression of InterestStep 7

In Queensland all participants seeking to undertake a Coaching Accreditation must first complete an EOI. This process assists with verification of Registration and Course Pre-requisites as well as logistical requirements in course scheduling and enrolment.
Assessing Coach

Assessing CoachStep 8

Current Level 2 coaches that complete this accreditation can be nominated by their club, school or union to be an Independent, Qualified Assessing Coach,
Front Row Passport

Front Row Assessing CoachStep 9

This program has been developed to assist with education and training of the 'Front Row Passport' program. It is targeted at the program assessors and scrum coaches and has the following pre-requisites: Hold a current Developing Coach (L2) accreditation | Hold a current Assessing Coach accreditation

Coach Accreditation Advice