Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy

Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy

The Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy provides the Queensland rugby community and its stakeholders with an assessment of the state’s rugby facilities and participation across metropolitan and regional Queensland.

The Strategy identifies facility renewal priorities and future planning development of community rugby facilities to support active club participants across Queensland. The Strategy will provide a strategic framework that supports the principals of accessible, inclusive, sustainable and invested rugby facilities.

The Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy identifies the following key pillars and associated objectives for guiding investment:

  1. Improve existing venue capacity: Maximise the carrying capacity and activation of existing rugby union playing fields and venues.
  2. Inclusive rugby facilities: Support the diversity of game participants and formats through inclusive facilities.
  3. Planning for growth and demand: Plan to maximise participation through innovative and new venue opportunities
  4. Partnerships and investment: Develop and maintain relationships with all levels of government and industry partners.

Critical Actions
  • Continue to develop technology systems and share participation data and community rugby on-field and off-field venue condition information with stakeholders and investment partners.
  • Deliver a consistent and united rugby message through club, sub-union and state body communications
  • Support players, referees and officials of all genders by prioritising and supporting the upgrade and development of facilities at sites with identified and projected female participation.
  • Partner with identified stakeholders including, but not limited to, Federal, State and Local Government, sub-unions and clubs to contribute expertise and leverage funding (in a coordinated manner) to support rugby infrastructure initiatives.
  • Identify key strategic locations in new, growing and established communities to support rugby activity. Opportunities to collaborate with developers, growth areas councils, QLD Government, commercial partners and other sports should be explored.

The Queensland Government provided $79,125 to the Queensland Rugby Union Ltd to support the completion of the Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.