QLD In Touch Huddle

In Touch

The Queensland Rugby Union 'In-Touch' Mental Health program recognises the importance of our rugby community's health, considering both physical and mental wellbeing. People choose to be part of Queensland Rugby Union because it is a fun, safe and inclusive environment where they feel valued and safe.

The QRUIn-Touch Mental Health program supports our rugby union clubs with a FIVE stage approach.

1. Registration for a Mental Health Information Session

2. Attend a 90-minute Mental Health Information Session

3. Formally train 2 nominated club people to be ‘Mental Health First Aid certified officers’

4. Receive a Club Mental Health Action Plan which supports and creates community access to mental health professional services

5. Bi-Monthly state-wide online mental health conference- Discussions with Mental Health Professionals, sharing, upskill and awareness for club ‘Mental Health First Aid officers’ to share within their community.

We identify that when people are struggling with their mental wellbeing being linked with rugby union, people are able to be heard and connected with mental health professional services. 

Both Mental Health Information Sessions and Mental Health First Aid training are now available free to your club or region.