Empowering women to be high quality leaders, active promoters, and standard setters for the reputation of their game.
KPI: Leadership Program
State Leadership Program

The State Leadership Program was supported by Sport Australia through a 2021 Women Leaders in Sport Organisation Grant.

The grant enabled the QRU to develop a Leadership curriculum that was delivered to over 200 registered female participants at 11 venues across the state. These workshops were supported by monthly regional network meetings conducted online (7 in total) which allowed participants to connect and collaborate on areas of mutual leadership.

From this network 25 females were selected to attend the culminating State Leadership Workshop form the 3rd - 5th December. This workshop combined presentations from external experts/leaders as well as project work on the following areas of strategy to work towards the visions of making Rugby the best experience in any sport for all women. An outcomes document was published from the workshop which has been distributed to all QRU affiliated associations and clubs. QRU has also appointed a permanent full time Female Rugby Manager who will be responsible for the administration of these outcomes and further strategy development.

2021 State Leadership Workshop Outcomes Overview

2022 Advocacy Actions
Create local regional leadership chapters
  • Regional Leads to conduct local Leadership Workshops
Regional networking integrated with State networking

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly

Membership: Female affiliate delegate

Purpose: Enable leadership development for registered female participants (both playing and non-playing roles)

Perpetuate the Leadership Workshop regionally
  • Create a LMS Course
  • Expand and update presenter and participant resources