Child Safeguarding

Queensland Rugby Union and Rugby AU are committed to working with our affiliates and members to ensure that Rugby is a safe and inclusive environment for all children within our game.

As a general rule, the Queensland Government requires anyone working (paid) or volunteering with children under 18 years of age working in Rugby must have a blue card, although limited exemptions may apply.

As a club or sub-union, you have a responsibility to ensure that all required persons hold a valid blue card before starting with your organisation. You can check blue card details are valid through the below link.

As a club or sub-union, you must also link a blue card or exemption card holder to your organisation before they start in child related work. This can be done via the Organisation Portal or by submitting a form when a card holder starts or stops working for your organisation.

Blue Card Exemptions

A common exemption in sporting clubs are parents that volunteer in an activity in which their child participates (i.e a mother volunteering to coach her child's rugby team). It is important to note that the organisation for who the parent is volunteering may still request a blue card.

Some other exemptions may apply to individuals at your club, a few examples are below;

  • If you are a paid employee, volunteer or student and you work no more than 7 days in a calendar year
  • If you are a volunteer who is under 18
  • If you are involved in a team, club or group activity that also has members under 18 (e.g. if you participate in an U20s age group with a member who is 17)
  • If you are supervising a student while they do work experience, including school students

It is important to note that restricted persons are not eligible for the above listed exemptions.