Rookies2Reds Program Structure

The Rookies2Reds program comes in two forms:

  1. Holiday Clinics - 1 Day
  2. Weekly program which consists of five sessions, one each week over five weeks to give boys and girls aged from 5 -11 years a fun-filled and interactive introduction to the game of Rugby Union.

To ensure every child gains maximum enjoyment from their participation, the Rookies2Reds program has been structured around the needs of four distinct age groups:


LITTLE LEGENDS Children aged 5, 6, and 7

JUNIOR CHAMPS Children aged 8 and 9

FUTURE STARS Children aged 10 and 11


The five-week Rookies2Reds program will contain:

Week 1 - Evasion Skills & Passing

Week 2 - Physical Skills

Week 3 - Game Understanding

Week 4 - Kicking

Week 5 - Match Play

ROOKIES2REDS TACKLE CLINICS One day clinic designed to give boys and girls aged 7 - 8 an introduction into the best practice of tackling. This will allow rookies to progress with confidence and correct technique on to full contact Rugby. Tackle clinics can be run as a one-off event or over a few weeks dependent on the club.