Queensland Premier Rugby

Queensland Premier Rugby

Queensland Premier Rugby evolved out of the Brisbane club competition and was created by players, administrators, referees and coaches to expand and improve the top level of Queensland non-professional rugby.

Queensland Premier Rugby provides a stepping stone to Super Rugby or other professional rugby competitions.

The competition involves nine clubs in total, eight from the Brisbane region as well as Bond University from the Gold Coast.

The participating clubs and regions in the Queensland Premier Rugby Competition are:

  • Brothers
  • Easts
  • Bond University
  • GPS
  • Norths
  • Souths
  • Sunnybank
  • University
  • Wests

In future, teams from other Rugby regions may also join the competition, thus encouraging the pursuit of Rugby excellence across the state, not just confining it to one corner.

Some Premier Rugby players aspire to play professionally in the future, either in Australia or overseas, while others just want to be the best Rugby players they can be, without making it their career.

They may not yet be household names, but all are talented and committed and play the game to win.

Contracted players are not excluded from the Queensland Premier Rugby competition, but neither is it dependent on them for success.

Premier Rugby is played by Rugby's “local heroes” at local grounds, where the local Under 6s can watch and learn from these elite players at close quarters - and then get their autograph after the game.

Referee appointments can be found on the QRRA Website.