Frameworks that enable the fair and timely resolution of practices at all levels discriminating or disadvantaging women’s engagement.
KPI: Inclusive Clubs QLD
2022 Equity Actions

All executive committee/board members of Queensland affiliated clubs and associations to be registered with a current accreditation in Inclusive Clubs Queensland.

Inclusive Clubs Queensland

Improving governance within all affiliated organisations to ensure we provide inclusive environments is important for all participants, but will support the qualitative development of increases in female participation in all registration types.

There are 3 key policy and legislation areas that all affiliated office bearers should be trained and competent in:

  • The Rugby Australia Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct Rugby [AU_LCI_8000]
  • The Rugby Australia Member Protection Policy: Member Protection & Inclusion Rugby [AU_LCI_8001]
  • Relevant Discrimination Legislation: PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination [PBTR-HD]

Completing the 3 modules included will provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to support the office bearers to govern and administer the game with Accountability.

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