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Ensuring decision-makers and governance processes are transparent in representing and reinforcing the interests of women’s success in their game.
KPI: Regional Inclusion Plans
2022 Sport Australia - Women Leaders in Sport - Organisation Grant
Queensland Rugby Gender Culture Program

Dates: Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April 2022

Venue: Brisbane


  • 2 nominees per affiliate
  • Each affiliate will be asked to nominate a key lead from their existing corporate governance. This nomination may be any gender. Each affiliate will be additionally asked to endorse a female nomination. Ideally this nomination will have been an active participant in the existing affiliate governance or a graduate of the inaugural year of the QRU State Leadership Conference.


  • Affiliate local regional commitment statements/policies that document the commitment to an inclusive culture. This will link to the focus areas of Equity and Accountability
  • Mandatory training requirements for affiliate executives on inclusion will also link to the focus areas of Equity and Accountability
  • Increased participation in governance roles which will link to Platform and the aim of exceeding 15% female representation
  • Increased focus and investment in female participation which will link to Access and Opportunity and further increase playing participation (2018 = 2214; 2020 = 2594; 2021 = 2866) Target for 2023 = 3700
2022 Accountability Actions
Recommended QRU Gender Inclusion Principles for Inclusion Plans
  1. Understanding
  2. Positive Relationships
  3. Personal Accountability