Rookies2Reds Program Safety

Rookies2Reds has been designed to introduce participants to Rugby in a fun and safe environment. To make sure this occurs all Rookies2Reds Coordinators will be responsible for ensuring each session is conducted in a safe environment whereby participants from all Rookies2Reds centres in Queensland are receiving a consistent quality experience.

All Rookies2Reds Coordinators will be responsible for:

1. Safety

Rookies2Reds Coordinators will ensure a thorough inspection of the playing area is completed each time the program is delivered.

2. Venue Setup

All Rookies2Reds venues will have a consistent look and feel with all Rookies2Reds Coordinators responsible for ensuring all safety equipment and setup material is in place prior to the commencement of each session.

3. Planning

Rookies2Reds Coordinators will ensure each session is planned in advance with all safety and setup guidelines adhered to at all times.

4. Equipment

Only approved Rookies2Reds equipment will be used during sessions.

5. Health and Safety

Rookies2Reds Coordinators are trained to deal with participant injuries either before or during a session and will ensure participants are rested from activity or placed in the care of their parent/guardian. All of our Rookies2Reds Coordinators hold current Blue Cards.