Club Admin

Player Clearances


Players are classified as 'free agents' in the system between seasons and can register to a Club in 2022 through the Rugby Xplorer app.

When a player is already registered for XVs, 10s or 7s registration type in the season a clearance will be required. The 'From Club' and 'From Association' will be required to 'approve' or 'deny' the clearance request in Rugby Xplorer Admin before the player can re-register online. When the player re-registers online, conversion discounts will apply for the up the line fees. Club fees are always charged in full.

NOTE: Both From Club and From Association need to 'approve' the clearance before the player can continue with their re-registration. If a clearance is 'denied', the player will be unable to re-register online. From Club, From Association, To Club, To Association and Player will receive clearance notifications. From Club and From Association need to action the clearance, where the To Club, To Association and Player are notified at the beginning of the clearance process and the outcome of the clearance. Players remain active at both Clubs, depending on their registration status. Season will remain active for the full season. For combined teams and players who are eligible to play with multiple Clubs, they will need to follow the process above. For players who are moving permanently, they should be removed from any 'Teams' at their old club so they do not appear for team selection.


Information regarding players wishing to leave Australia to play rugby in another national union, please following the following link: