Platform - Boosting Rugby's Female Capability

The project will provide training to a pool of lead female "Educators & Mentors" in the workforce roles of Coaching, Officiating, and Administration. Participants will be accredited as World Rugby Educator which will enable them to deliver World Rugby approved courses and accreditations. The successful participants will form a State Female panel in each discipline. These panels will meet regularly ( monthly) to network on specific initiatives for increases in the quantity and quality of female coaches, match officials and administrators. These identified and trained female leads will then facilitate female focused accreditation and training courses across the state with the aim to dramatically increase the number of female accredited coaches and match officials and improve the quality of female administrators. This will expand services to affiliates to increase the efficiency in which they increase their female capability.

Program Overview

World Rugby

World Rugby Educators

Create a workforce of 50 female Educators to provide services across the Queensland Regions ( NQ, CQ, SQ, Metro) in the genres of Coaching, Match Officiating, and Administration. The program will be delivered on 24th - 26th June 2022.
Level 2 Coach

Level 2 Coaches

Recruit, Train and Accredit 40 female Level 2 Coaches across regions in Queensland.
Match Officials

Match Officials

Recruit, Train and Accredit 40 female match officials across regions in Queensland.


Recruit, Train and Accredit 100 female administrators across regions in Queensland.


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Queensland GovernmentGrant Funding Partner

The Queensland Government provided $66,936 to Queensland Rugby Union Ltd to the Boosting Rugby's Female Capability project to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.