About QRU

In December 2015, the QRU Board adopted the QRU’s next five-year strategic plan, which will take the organisation through to 2020.

Nationally, the industry has now also ratified and adopted the Australian Rugby Strategic Plan, which the QRU has been closely involved in with the ARU for a number of years.

Although in sport, the work is never completed, the QRU has delivered transformation and reform since 2009 not only for Rugby in Queensland but has also influenced the national and international strategy for the code.

Now is an important time for the QRU to take stock and reflect that after seven years of reform and significant financial investment into our industry, we now need to turn our focus to consolidating our work.

Between 2009 – 2015, the QRU’s Future Generation Strategy has reformed and expanded the industry through:

> Growing the Participation Base (90,000 to 300,000 largest rugby base in Australia)

> Expanding the Fan Base (4,500 members to 50,000 members, largest in Australian Rugby and in QLD Sport)

> Influencing the National Reform for the Game

> Improving the Economics of the code in Queensland (23% Growth in annual Turnover from $18 million to $23.4 million, delivered annual operating profit 2010 - 2014 in 5 out of the 6 years)

> Delivering improved on-field performance



2010 – 2013:


Top 6 Performers, 1 Super Rugby Championship




2014 & 2015:


National Champions


In turn, we also must continue to assist our sub-unions and clubs to take advantage of the volume Rugby in Queensland has created, for their own future prosperity.

To that end, the QRU’s 2016-2020 strategy turns our attention to four major pillars:

> Fans & Participation Growth: We will continue to engage and build demand by placing the fan and participant at the centre of all we do. By 2020 we will aim to have the largest fan  base in world Rugby, the largest contact and regular participation base in Australian Rugby and to be the largest recreational contact sport in Queensland.

> Football Performance: Through our high-performance structures we will secure sustainable on-field success and aim to be a consistently performing top 6 finisher in Super Rugby.

> Commercial Growth: To deliver investment and rate of return. We aim to continue to secure the necessary year-on-year investment into the Reds football program, the community game and to also achieve a 23% growth in annual turnover by 2020 - as well as to redevelop the Ballymore asset.

> Organisational Governance: QRU aims to provide leadership and management to its members and stakeholders under a unified governance model.